Training cats to obey


Some believe that training cats to obey is impossible because cats are very independent animals. In this topic, we will answer the famous question “How to make my cat hear my words” in simple steps and produce great results;

Training cats in general is possible and is easy to perform at home because cats are able to learn and master many movements and commands such as sitting, calling and other instruction.

Teaching cats on different commands and movements is not just a nice trick to rejoice in but it may be very important to make your life easier with your cat.


Training cats to obey and make them hear your words may be useful in many life situations that correspond with your cat to keep her life or to maintain the house system and other things and daily events

The use of the orders is very important in the clinic of the veterinarian or when you cut her hair because cats in these situations may be stubborn and difficult to deal with, especially if they are untrained.

Training cats or animals in general is a success if you rely on the idea of ​​positive reinforcement .. What is positive reinforcement ?

Positive reinforcement:

 In the training of cats is to rely on the reward of the cat in case it is already in the right form when the cat gets the reward will understand that it acted correctly and will be repeated easily every time waiting for the reward.

How to make my cat hear my words: Training cats to obey

It is very important to start training cats at an early age, because cats can learn very quickly, and the wrong behaviors, if they are rooted in the mind of cats and grown with them, will be very difficult to change.

So in order to train cats to obey you can follow these steps:

1 – Start training your cat in the evening. Cats in the evening like to play and movement so you can take advantage of the cat’s enthusiasm and desire to play until you train in a good mood.

2 – Prepare some games such as badminton or rope so you can attract the attention of your cat during the training and to link the acts and movements with some important words to train obedience.

3 – You should also prepare cat fishes or some smoked tuna pieces that have a grainy taste for cats to be used as a reward to motivate cats to obey and use the positive reinforcement method that we have shown before.

4 – Start playing with your cat with a feather or rope and then stop playing suddenly and tell her the word you want to connect by stopping something like a stop or any other word.

5 – Once you stop playing and hide the game about your cat say the word in front of her if she stopped playing with a piece of candy.

6 – Start playing with your cat again and stop suddenly and repeat the word in front of her and reward.

7 – Continue the same process several times. Then leave your cat playing and play a little with you until you start to merge then repeat the word you want to teach her and give her reward when responding.

1. :Additional tips for successful training

      Some cats will show a great response and some cats may not understand what you mean and need some time maybe several days until you get used to the word and understand what you want them because the responses of cats are different.

       Also, the cat may start to show boredom from the training and run away from you or maybe start to bite. These are normal behaviors and you should not worry about them. Just regular training with your cat on a daily basis until you begin learning the new commands.

      Training should not exceed 15 minutes per day. Cats are quickly bored so make sure your training time is shorter than 5 minutes to 15 minutes.

       If you have more than one cat, you must train each cat individually and in an isolated place until you train with full efficiency.

        It is good to change the place of training each time until the cat understands that it is meant to do what you say to her and relate it to the word she says, not the place where she will train.

       You may notice on some days that your cat does not want to train or play. This is of course normal and should not be stopped. In this case you can ignore training on this day and try again the next day.

       When you have mastered your cat, you can start training cats on new movements, but you should not train them on more than one movement or command at a time.



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