Top 7 unusual types of pushups

10 tips to improve fitness
10 tips to improve fitness


Top 7 unusual types of pushups

Pushups are one of the most versatile and simple exercises for the upper body. When performing them, various muscle groups are involved, but the triceps, pectoral, deltas and abs receive a particularly good load. Push-ups are unique in that they do not require additional equipment, but are a very powerful and effective way to develop strength and muscles. They can even sometimes be replaced by a bench press on a horizontal bench, because the pectoral ones are worked out here very well and also used as a warm-up before the press. By the way, compared to the same push-up press, they act even more on a large scale, significantly strengthening the lower back and the abdominals. In general, this movement greatly simplifies training, which is why it is often used at home. To improve the efficiency of pushups, there are several options for this exercise. Each of them is quite difficult, but it works through the muscles in a special way, shifting the load on different groups.

Pushups with legs on the dais . Due to the fact that the legs are on a bench, a pedestal or any other elevation, the stress of the load is significantly shifted to the pectoral muscles and triceps, and their work is intensified. Depending on the level of training, push-ups are performed on the fists or palms. During push-ups, the back must be kept straight, without bending too much down or without arching upward so as not to overload the spine, but to strengthen the lower back normally. Tense abdominal muscles help keep your back straight.


Push ups with cotton . Here explosive strength and endurance are well trained. Starting position as in the classic push-ups. Gently sinking down until the breast touches the floor and inhaling, as you exhale, you must vigorously push yourself up, tearing your hands off the floor. Quickly clapping your hands, you need to have time to return the hands to the same places in the original position. Then a new repetition is performed in the same sequence. Since in the version with cotton, the elbows are under increased stress, before performing it is necessary to warm them up properly, having made several sets of ordinary push-ups.


Pushups with wide arms . A wide arm setting directs a substantial share of the load to the external pectoral region, therefore, it is excellent for visual expansion of the chest and building more powerful pectoral muscles. In order to secure the movement as much as possible, eliminating the risk of overloading the shoulder joints, hands should not be set too wide, but rather placed slightly wider than shoulder level. Otherwise, everything is done as in push-ups with the usual hands. The back is straight, the press is tense, lowering on the inhale until the breast touches the floor, and raising on the exhale with vigorous effort before straightening the arms.

Push-ups with narrow arms . Here, the most difficult area of ​​the thoracic in terms of development — the inner one — is precisely targeted, and the triceps and the front deltoid bundles are powerfully turned on. The narrow arm setting is used in two versions: in the first case, the palms are placed as close as possible to each other so that the thumb and index fingers form a triangle that resembles a diamond (hence the name – diamond push-ups), in the second palm are slightly narrower than shoulder width to a friend. The first way to train is much more difficult, so diamond push-ups should be done after careful preliminary warm-up of the shoulders, wrists and elbow joints, as well as after the basic technique has been studied completely and the classic push-ups are done confidently and clearly.

Pushups on one arm. This advanced option is very difficult to perform and first you need to master the usual way to fully strengthen the muscles and learn the technique of movement. When push-ups on one arm start getting better, efficiency will increase markedly, because each side of the target muscles of the upper body will now be worked out twice as hard as before. Along with the enhanced development of the pectoral and triceps, the deltas are well developed here and the oblique muscles of the abdominal muscles are drawn. Perform this exercise is necessary in a somewhat special manner. Legs are set wide enough to better maintain balance and not to fall aside. Inactive hand is better to take the belt, forgetting about it at the time of the set, so it is more convenient to do push-ups, not being distracted by thoughts of the second hand, and fully focusing on the working side.

Push ups with elbows . Another weighted version, acting in a special way. Exercise is an enhanced training of triceps and abdominal muscles with the addition of pectoral muscles. It should be performed only after the triceps has already gained strength and if there are no problems with the elbows, since the elbow joints are experiencing increased stress here. The movement begins from the position of a standard plank, the arms are at the level or slightly narrower than the width of the shoulders, the elbows lie on the floor parallel to each other. Straining the press and keeping the back straight, on the exhale, with an energetic effort of the triceps, raise the body to straighten the arms, and then slowly inhale to return to the starting position. Make the number of repetitions of well-being. At first, there are not many of them, but over time the power grows, which means there will be more repetitions.

Push-ups and dynamic arms with legs and arms. This combination of two exercises powerfully works out different muscle groups, especially strengthening the complex of the so-called core (core), which includes the abs, gluteus, biceps, hips, etc. extreme situations in game forms. The increased effect of this combination is built from the preliminary repetition of push-ups and the subsequent implementation of the bar, so that the muscles work very intensively. Starting position as in the classic push-ups. Having performed one repetition of push-ups, you must simultaneously raise your hand and the opposite leg parallel to the floor. Hold the position for 2-3 seconds, return to the starting position and repeat the same with the other arm and leg. Then make a new repetition of push-ups and the same sequence of dynamic bar. The number of repetitions according to their level of training. Exercise can be complicated and repeat push-ups after each lift arms and legs, and not after the overall implementation of the strap with two arms and legs. Before starting the set, you need a high-quality dynamic warm-up.

Note:  in any form of push-ups, you should not hurry and try to do as many repetitions as possible, distorting the technique and reducing the amplitude. Let for the beginning of repetitions not so much, for example, 5, 6 or 7. It is much more important that they are performed at an average pace without jerks, with mental concentration at the muscles. Such training brings the best results.



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