Top 5 Best Triceps Exercises For Triceps Strength Training

Top 5 Best Triceps Exercises For Triceps Strength Training
Top 5 Best Triceps Exercises For Triceps Strength Training
Top 5 Best Triceps Exercises For Triceps Strength Training
Top 5 Best Triceps Exercises For Triceps Strength Training

Working well with your triceps is important for a harmonious physique, but not only … Strengthening your triceps is also used to progress on exercises such as bench press, overhead press and all other exercises for pecs or shoulders where the triceps go into action.

Developed lying tight grip

This exercise is ideal to gain strength, if your triceps are a weak point and slow your performance on some exercises such as developed (lying, inclined, military …).

bench press tight grip - triceps bodybuilding

Unlike what you can see in many gyms. The bench press taken tight must not be done with a “too tight”. It is not useful to stick your hands on the bar so that the triceps are well solicited. On the contrary, taking too tight you lose stability because the balance of the bar will be harder to manage. In addition, you risk putting your wrists in difficulty.

For an effective bench tight hold your rod outlet should be the width of your bust and unlike developed a classic set, the bar should come down on the lower pectorals. For better feel and movement while security it is recommended to perform this exercise on a guided framework (smith machine.) Thus, you will not have to worry about your balance, which will be compensated by the machine. It will just be enough to push the bar until your triceps turn into cylinders.

The Dips

A complete polyarticular exercise, the dips are excellent exercises for triceps but also chest muscles that they also solicit a lot as well as the front part of the shoulder (anterior deltoids). With their complete work on the long and short portion of the triceps, the dips sit well in a push session at the beginning of triceps work before attacking isolation exercises.

dips parallel bars - tricep bodybuilding

This exercise makes it possible to solicit the triceps in their entirety. It can run on bars parallel to body weight or weighted to increase difficulty. It is possible that dips at parallel bars cause shoulder pain for people who do not have a great flexibility in these joints. In this case, a variant of the dips on a bench will relieve tension on the shoulders.

dips on a bench - tricep bodybuilding

Bar in the forehead – lying extensions

This triceps bodybuilding exercise allows for an overall work of the triceps, the long stretch as well as its vast internal and external. It will build massive and powerful triceps. Depending on the width of the catch, the bar used and where the bar is lowered, the triceps will be solicited differently.

barbell extensions - triceps bodybuilding

Holding a wide grip (greater than the width of the shoulders), the work will be accentuated on the outer part of the triceps, a tighter grip (equal to or less than the width of the shoulders) will accentuate the work on the inner part of the triceps. 
Traditionally the movement takes place with the bar that comes close to the front, hence its name “bar front”. But for a better stretch of muscle, you can also lower the bar behind your head.

Triceps pushdown – extension to the high pulley at the helm

The extension of the forearm high pulley is an exercise in triceps isolation. It allows a good stretch of muscle while maintaining a continuous tension for very good feelings triceps.

Pushdown Triceps Bar - Triceps Muscle Building

The extensions to the pulley high at the bar will allow a good solicitation of the long part of the triceps. The movement runs upright, the back straight elbows along the body will remain fix throughout the exercise. It will avoid cheating movements up and down the elbows. In this case, you will compensate with your backbones and the solicitation of triceps will be less important.

Triceps pushdown – extension to the high rope pulley

The extension of the front arms to the high rope pulley is a variant of the execution at the helm. I could have treated this exercise in the previous part, but the concentration of work on the vast external and median triceps makes it for me a full exercise that deserved its own part. This exercise will allow you to give your form of “horseshoe” to your triceps. Like all insulation exercises, the important thing here is not going to be the load, so do not try to lift heavy.

rope triceps pushdown - triceps bodybuilding

The execution of this exercise is identical to that of the extensions to the bar, however the change is done on the end of the movement where the use of the rope allows a much wider extension. And it is this extension that will allow to get a maximum contraction of the vast external triceps.

Whether at the helm or the rope, the extensions of the forearms are to be placed rather at the end of training for a finishing job.


These different triceps strength exercises each have their advantages and disadvantages, they will not be suitable for everyone and all morphologies. The best strategy for finding the right exercises for your triceps is to try them out. It is also important to try several variants, with a different grip, a different bar, a free load (bar or weight) or an additional load (pulley or machine).



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