Top 4 exercises for biceps you Should Do Now

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The development of a high peak of biceps largely depends on the genetic potential, since their shape is given by nature and if the biceps are predisposed to a high peak, then it will be easily formed from almost any exercise, revealing the originally inherent potential.

However, this does not mean that the whole thing in building powerful biceps muscles is only in genetics. Everyone can make their biceps much bigger and stronger, just for someone they will develop mainly in width, and for someone they will acquire a more extreme form with a characteristic peak. There are several exercises for biceps, which can maximize its potential, because they are sighting it work, creating all the conditions for growth.

Lifting the biceps in a block simulator .

This movement provides a constant load for the biceps muscles throughout the entire amplitude of repetition, which perfectly stimulates their development. While the horizontal arm is held, the biceps do not rest.Not a second, since the working weight of the block and its cable device provide constant resistance and it is necessary each time to make more and more efforts to perform the next rise. When the handle is at the top of the amplitude, at the level of the pectoral muscles, it is necessary to linger for a moment in this phase and try to additionally strain the biceps, feeling the tension in them, and then slowly return the handle to its original position, also mentally concentrating on the biceps.

The next repetition is again performed with vigorous effort, and after a short pause at the top, the handle slowly returns to its original position. Elbows can not be separated to the side, and all the time to keep slightly pressed to the body, the movement is carried out only forearms, the body is stationary, so that the load is not dissipated between different muscle groups, and went exactly into the biceps. It is also important to observe the correct breathing sequence, which will allow you to coordinate your action and be more resilient and strong throughout the whole set. Lifting the handle – exhale, lowering – inhale. The number of repetitions – 10-12.

Lifting to the biceps in a block simulator with a rope grip .

This training option has all the advantages of the previous movement. Here, too, the payload onbiceps is maintained with maximum consistency, as a result of which they are powerfully worked through and an excellent pumping effect is created (pumping of biceps). By the way, before doing this, you need to psychologically tune, since there may be a burning sensation in your biceps and you will have to overcome it and complete the set with the planned number of repetitions.

The difference is in the position of the hands. The palms are all the time parallel to each other and this is no accident, because along with the biceps, the purpose here is the brachialis muscle (brachialis) lying beneath it, which is actively involved in the work when the palms “look” upwards when lifting the forearms, but always remain parallel each other (Hammer style). A well-developed brachialis pushes the biceps out, making it visually bigger and taller, evenif its peak is not naturally predisposed to the characteristic height.

Plus, this movement is well developing the width of the biceps. The technique is the same as when climbing in a block simulator with a horizontal handle, the body is fixed, the elbows are closer to the body, the movement is carried out only by the forearms. The positive phase of the repetition on the exhale, the negative – on the inhale. The number of repetitions – 10-12. In one training day, you should not combine both options at once, and it is better to choose only the cable or with a horizontal handle. After one or two workouts, you can change the type of handle for a change.

Lifting dumbbells for biceps sitting on an inclined bench .

Exercise is great effect on the biceps, stimulating their growth. An important feature is the position of the body, in which the biceps muscles are loaded to the maximum, since spontaneous help with body jerk (cheating) has a much smaller effect here than in other exercises (lifting the barbell or dumbbells while standing up) perform exclusively biceps, hence the increased effect.The back of the bench should be set at an angle of 30-45 degrees. Dumbbells can be lifted together or each in turn, for example, the first lift with the right hand, the second with the left, the right arm at this moment lowers, then again with the right, the left one drops, etc., with one repetition being counted when both arms lift , albeit one by one. If the first rise is made by the right hand, then the first repetition will end when the lift is done by the left hand.

Thus, both hands will make a sufficient number of repetitions (8-10), only separately. How to lift the dumbbells, everyone chooses himself, but it is worth noting that with alternate lifting, the work of each biceps is felt better, and with a joint, breathing and arm movement are better coordinated – the positive phase (lifting of dumbbells) on the exhale, negative – on the inhale.

Lifting dumbbells on the Scott bench in the style of “Hammer” .

Such an unusual device for training hands came up with the first Mr. Olympia Larry Scott. Today the bench or its version in the form of a simulator is in almost every hall. The popularity of the bench is not at all accidental, because it allows intensively working out the biceps under a specialangle that is not available in other exercises. When lifting a barbell or dumbbell, the bottom of the biceps gets the main load here, however, if, with the dumbbell version, the arms are expanded and the palms are held parallel to each other, lifting the dumbbells in the “Hammer” style, the stress will significantly shift to the brachialis muscle that we already know under the biceps . As is known, the developed brachialis will make the biceps visually larger and more powerful. In addition, this exercise option increases the strength of the hands well, so that in other exercises for biceps, working weights will grow faster.

Dumbbells can be lifted together or alternately with each hand, for example, we first perform the repetitions only with the right hand and then with the left. The alternate version provides improved concentration on each bicep. The positive phase of repetition is carried out on the exhale and with vigorous effort, and the negative – on inspiration and at a slightly slower pace to feel the stretching of the biceps, after which, without losing the mental sensation, in the new lift we can already feel its reduction and development. The number of repetitions for each hand is 8-10.

Note:  Biceps are best practiced after exercise for the back, as they are directly involved in them, kneading and preparing for their training. Due to the preload, biceps will quickly get a training effect, so they will only need two of any exercises with one warm-up and two or three work sets in each. Like the rest of muscle groups, biceps should not be trained too often, not more than once a week, because they need a full recovery in order to progress normally.


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