How to Get Bigger Arms: 18 Top Tips

3. Be still

Fly through your reps and you’re missing out on 5% more muscle through sheer haste, according to a study in the Journal Of Applied Physiology. To recruit the maximum amount of motor units, pause in the middle of a curl or triceps pull-down at the point of maximum tension and hold the position as long as you can handle. Best to save it for the final rep.


4. Go early

Pre-exhaust your bis and tris with big-boy moves first. So do multi-joint compound lifts like chin-ups and bench presses to fatigue, then immediately following up with lighter single-joint lifts like curls and skullcrushers. It’s a method advocated by Matt Brzycki, co-ordinator of recreational fitness and wellness at Princeton University. Brawn plus brains equals gains.

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