How to Get Bigger Arms: 18 Top Tips

Want T-shirt-filling arms? We thought so. That’s why we asked the world’s leading trainers and coaches for their proven knowledge on the very best ways to build better arms. So for bigger biceps and thicker triceps, all you need to do is follow their advice and make some small changes to your workout – big improvements guaranteed.

1. Lift heavy

It’s not about ego. The key is to focus on the eccentric (lowering) phase – a University of Florida study found that neglecting this phase could cut gains in half, so try overloading it. On your final set pick a weight you struggle to lift fully, have a spotter help you raise it, then dig in and lower the weight as slowly as you can. Take a breath and repeat, five times minimum.

2. Ton up

Strongman Derek Poundstone was renowned for his pain tolerance. He’d do 100 curls with a 20kg bar, learning to handle the searing lactate in his biceps so he could work harder on other lifts while sparking serious hypertrophy in his arms. What can you do? Pick a weight that forces you to fail at 60 reps. Repeat weekly until you hit the 100-rep jackpot, then add 2kg and repeat.

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