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Whether you are completely new to fitness or have been a stranger to exercise for a while, this Post has been designed to ease you back into training or as a beginner to provide you with a concise and easy to follow weight training circuit with concise instructions on how each move should be executed.

Regardless of your level of fitness developing a solid foundation of quality movement and technique is an absolute must, and the best tool for the job is your own body weight. Good weight training routines emphasize movement patterns that are needed on a daily basis to provide you with painless optimum posture and strength within your own body.

Weight training routines can prepare your body for all of the demands that are made on it throughout your life and both life and weight training are unpredictable. Both exist and occur in a three dimension and involve complex movements of many of your joints at the same time. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that you learn how to handle your own body weight and how it moves through the day to ensure that you move as efficiently and confidently as possible.

Starting weight training will help to prevent any injuries as it develops muscle coordination and stability whilst also strengthening any weak areas that you may have in your body. The following introductory routine is perfect for you as a beginner and will crank up your metabolism and build the strength and confidence that you may have only ever dreamed of.

Weight training routines

Routine 1

Minute One: 5 reps of Bottom up squats

Minute Two: Golf Pickups, 5 each side

Minute Three: 5 reps of Railing rows

Be sure to set a timer for this routine and start the reps of the next exercise at the start of each minute.

Instructions for moves

Bottom up squats:

Squatting is one of the most used human movements and is used for things as simple as getting up out of a chair. Bottom up squats help to strengthen hamstrings, gluteals and quadriceps and will also improve your balance and stability.

Completing a bottom up squat:

Sit down on something so that your legs are bent at 90 degrees and your feet are shoulder width apart, sit up tall through your spine and look forwards. Reach forwards with your arms and drive your heels through the floor and using your glute muscles stand up. Squat down again so that you feel as though you are almost in a seated position pushing your bottom backwards as you lower yourself.

General guidance

-Be sure to keep your knees in line with your toes and not to tilt forwards

-Keep your spine straight whilst completing this movement

-Before standing take a deep breath and stand proud

-If you find that you need a little extra help to begin with, use your hands to push off of your knees on the way up and to descend if necessary

-In order to create a counterbalance hold your arms out in front of you as you stand

To make this movement easier use a higher platform and once you have mastered the move make it harder by using a lower platform.

Golf Pickups:

This exercise is designed to strengthen your hamstrings, lower back and glutes. It will also strengthen your core and stretch your hip flexors.

Completing golf pickups:

Begin in a standing and shift your weight onto your left leg, then balancing on your left leg, tilt forwards from your hips and lift your right leg out straight behind you until your body is in line with the floor. Reach to the floor as if you are picking up a golf ball and then come back up contracting your left bottom muscle as you lower the right leg, Complete the entire set on this side, then switch leg.

General guidance

-Aim to create a straight line that runs from your head through to your outstretched foot

-Keep your hips in line with the floor and don’t roll them to one side

-Maintain the natural curve of your back, don’t hunch to extend further

-Rest your hand of the same side on your front leg if required

To make this movement easier do not tilt as far and once you have mastered the move make it harder by tilting your torso forwards and raising your back leg even higher.

Routine 2

Minute One: Bear crawl, 10 steps either side

Minute Two: 5 reps of assisted squat to muscle ups

Minute Three: 5 reps of assisted pushup then hold in the plank position for the remainder of the minute

This routine should be completed three times, starting each new set of exercises at the beginning of each minute and resting for the remainder of minute one and two.

Instructions for moves

Bear crawl

This modified crawling exercise will not only strengthen your arms, legs and chest but it will also stretch your hips and improve your stability in your shoulders.

Completing bear crawls:

Get onto your hands and knees with both hands on the floor; lift your knees so that you are balanced on your hands and feet with your hips almost parallel with your shoulders. Keeping your back and arms straight move your left foot and right hand forwards then move your right foot and left hand forwards.

General guidance

-You need to keep your torso parallel with the floor and keep your hips lower than your shoulders

To make this movement easier perform it faster and once you have mastered the move slow everything down. Begin with each step taking 5 seconds and then slow this to 10 seconds. You can also try doing the move backwards and then crawling up a hill or staircase.

Assisted squat to muscle ups

This exercise will target the whole body, and makes use of your strongest muscles as it combines squatting, pushing and pulling.

Completing assisted squat to muscle ups:

Set up a bar at chest height, if you don’t have a bar then a countertop will work just as well, begin in a standing position whilst holding on to the countertop with your palms face down. Sit back and go down as far as you can. Push down through your heels and pull yourself back up with your arms. When you are standing jump and push yourself up to a straight arm position above the counter. Use your arms slowly lower yourself to the starting position and repeat.

General guidance

-In the second step be sure that you are sitting back and down, your hips should ideally be below your knees

-When doing this exercise you should feel both your glutes and hips working, to increase their involvement step a little wider and turn your toes out further

To make this movement easier let your arms do more work during the squat ascent and once you have mastered the move sit even further back in the second step and when you can complete the move comfortably begin to speed things up.

Railing rows

This exercise helps to strengthen your arms and back. Set a bar to chest height or if you are doing the exercise at home use a door, just face the edge of the door place one foot either side of the door and hold both door knobs, just be sure that you body is horizontal.

Completing railing rows:

Start with your palms facing the floor and grab the door knob with your hands slightly wider than a shoulder width apart. Keeping your feet either side of the door, lean back and extend your arms, keeping your body straight. Bend your arms at the elbow and pull yourself towards the door.

General guidance

-It is important to keep your body rigid and straight through this exercise

-Focus on pulling your elbows back and your shoulder blades together and down when you are on the way up

To make this movement easier let hold onto the door higher up but no higher than your head and once you have mastered the move hold the door lower down so that your body is closer to the door.

Assisted pushup

This exercise will help to stabilize your shoulder blades whilst developing the strength that is required for a full pushup.

Completing assisted pushups:

Stand about 3 foot away from your countertop and place the palms of your hands on the counter, keep your arms straight and shoulder width apart plus your feet hip width apart. Keep your body straight move your chest towards the counter and then push yourself back to the start position. Once you have completed 5 reps, hold the plank position at the bottom of the pushup for the remainder of the minute.

General guidance

-It is important to keep your body rigid and straight through this exercise

-Do not allow your hips to sag

-Keep your neck lengthened looking straight ahead

-Be sure to keep your elbows tucked into your sides and don’t allow them to flare out

To make this movement easier put your hands higher so that you are pushing less body weight. You can also move further away from the counter as the more upright your body is the easier this movement will be. Once you have mastered the move use a box that is roughly hip height and perform the exercise with your hands on the box and your feet about three feet away. Your body will be at a 45 degree in the bottom position and for an even greater challenge try pushing off of the floor.

Weight training at home

There really is no need for expensive gym membership to achieve your fitness goals, with the correct home workouts you can lose weight, build muscle and create that dream body that you aspire too.

Whether you are looking to burn fat or sculpt killer abdominals it is all achievable without even leaving home and all you need to begin is your own body weight.

Following a simple routine which includes, lunges, squats, pushups will help you to build muscle provided that your diet is also tailored towards building muscle, and by tailoring your diet you will just get stronger. When you get to the point where you feel you have reached a plateau, you can always put some weight in a backpack and then wear this to make the workout harder.

Remember that you may find that it is necessary to bulk and cut for a number of cycles until you start to see any major changes but even after the first set of cycles you should start seeing some results. It is important to remember that everyone is different however the rule regarding calories still applies and this is learning how many calories you need to achieve your desired results.

Now that you understand the basics and can see how easy it is to begin weight training in the comfort of your own home it is time to start putting your knowledge into practice and working towards a killer body that you will be proud of!


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