Arnold’s Classic 4 Exercise Chest Workout Old School!

Schwarzenegger’s state-of-the-art physique has the status of “best of all times”, no one can say the same. Not only did his overall development make him stand out from many bodybuilding legends of his day, but his iconic chest was one of the largest and most complete in the history of bodybuilding!

As for the construction of a massive chest, there is no better authority than Mr. Olympia’s seven-time champion, who has emphasized the importance of having an impressively sculpted chest. even though we have seen tremendous growth in the size of physical competitors. the last three decades. Arnold worked hard and heavy to develop his chest, training three days a week and often alternating his chest workouts with his hard and heavy back sessions. His pragmatic approach to training quickly paid off and only five years after designing his chest-blasting routine, his chest went from 39 “to an incredible 58”!


4-Muscle Confusion

As we all know, Arnold was a big fan of muscular confusion and TUT, which he often achieved by setting up paused reps as he dragged his outer pecs with heavy dumbbell flies. He did this by lowering the dumbbell all the way down and getting a maximum stretch, then reducing it to only three-quarters, stopping just before the weight reached the chest. If you look at an Arnold sequence from his golden age, you will notice that he went very far in each performance, the top of his arms being almost perpendicular to the ground below. Add to that about three quarters of a dip and you’ll be on the road to Arnold’s famous chest!

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