Best 6 rules for Perfect strong muscles

All men in the world wish they had a strong athletic body with lots of muscular muscles and massive muscle mass, but muscle building has some rules and rules. 

If you want to start correctly, you have to first learn about its laws, so you will learn about the rules that you must adhere to before you start building muscle through this next report.

1 – deceive your body 

Carbohydrates are one of the most important nutrients that must be taken after protein. It is responsible for supplying your body with the necessary energy so that you can endure the hard exercise that you exercise. 

But before you decide to start muscle building exercises, first have to get rid of some of the fat accumulated in your body so as not to interfere with your muscles that will grow up by exercising, so liquidate your body of these fats by stopping eating carbohydrates for 5 Sequential days, then eat carbohydrates again for two more days. 

When the body does not find the carbohydrate that it provides with the energy needed to do the daily activities, it begins to burn the fat accumulated inside the body, and this is the goal that stopped it from eating carbohydrates. 

2. Timing is important

Although eating too much carbohydrate will cause weight gain, eating a small amount of carbohydrates will also adversely affect the speed of metabolism and metabolism within the body. 

So the solution is to eat at least 50 grams of carbohydrates, after waking up and after exercise directly, eating an ideal proportion of carbohydrates helps stabilize the proportion of cortisol in the body, a stress hormone, which increases the proportion of the body to destroy the muscles. 

3. Quality 

Many of the foods we eat contain carbohydrates, but unfortunately not all carbohydrates are useful, so be sure to get carbohydrates from useful sources of food, such as brown rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, and avoid eating products baked with white flour filled with sugars. 

4 – Control your mind 

The mind is the first and last responsible for the acquisition of a lot of extra pounds, the mind is the device that sends signals to all members of the body, urging him to eat more, and the person that he is not yet full. 

So try to control your mind by eating too, by eating high-caffeine drinks, such as green tea or black Chinese tea.

The caffeine in these drinks contributes to the fat burning by a large amount, and makes the brain sends signals to the digestive system and various body organs to accelerate the metabolism responsible for the degree of fat burning within the body.

5- Carbohydrate Side meals 

When you are hungry after eating the main meals, it is okay to eat low-fat dairy products, sweet potatoes, or even some salt-free raw nuts. These light foods contain a good proportion of beneficial carbohydrates that help speed up your metabolism. 

6. No more carbohydrates in the dark 

This is to say that you do not eat carbohydrates after sunset, so as not to turn and accumulate carbohydrates in your body in the form of fat, which you do not want to happen certainly. 

You can break this rule, if you go to exercise at night, the only situation that will allow you to disobey this rule.


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