5 Tips from a Sports Coach to Start the Bodybuilding and Have the Shape

5 Tips from a Sports Coach to Start the Bodybuilding and Have the Shape
5 Tips from a Sports Coach to Start the Bodybuilding and Have the Shape
5 Tips from a Sports Coach to Start the Bodybuilding and Have the Shape
5 Tips from a Sports Coach to Start the Bodybuilding and Have the Shape

Whether it is a problem of image, of confidence, or simply a desire to be better in one’s body, to feel stronger, the sport is a great way to surpass oneself and to have a thorough knowledge of one’s envelope.

Know your body, your muscles, your ability to give yourself the maximum , know how to recover … all these elements are essential to be a complete man.

We give you 5 tips to start well in bodybuilding!

Beyond knowing one’s body well, getting to know one another well, physical activity is important for health and its benefits grow with the intensity and regularity of the effort ( US Department of Health & Human Services research, summary page 4 ).

Whatever the age, sex or size, everyone wants to change something to their physique or their abilities: to lose weight, to redefine their body, to get fit, to improve their stamina. And whatever your starting level, you too can reach your goal.


First and foremost, make sure you are fit to play sports. It may seem trivial, but even high-level athletes have been diagnosed late in their career rare diseases that could have been dangerous or even fatal ( Thuram, if you hear us ). So go quickly consult a GP who can assure you that you are good to go.

Now, set your goal. Whether it’s to gain confidence in yourself, have a more drawn body, start playing sports with your friends, increase your performance in bed with more endurance, a goal is a goal. And it is by keeping in mind that you will reach your goal, by constantly reminding you, by displaying it. DO EVERYTHING TO BECOME THE ONE YOU ARE REALLY.

Once you have set your goal, that you have found your source of motivation, the hard part is done. Your determination will drive you to succeed. All you have to do is go to phase 2.


Now the most serious: bodybuilding in itself. That’s still why you’re here! There are many styles of bodybuilding, numbers of exercises and variations for each . Depending on your level, you have different options.

For example, you can sign up for the gym and take classes, or take a personal coach to guide you through the exercises.

However, this option can be long and costly , especially if you do not have a room near you.

A simpler solution is to play sports at home, when you want. Many exercises can be done at home, without a machine, using the weight of your body (this is what the Lafay method offers ) or using weights that are easily and discreetly stored.

Or that you can let go vaguely somewhere when you bring a girl home, story that accidentally falls (ahem) on another proof that you take care of your appearance. Be careful however, playing sports at home with minimal equipment does not ultimately replace a gym. Indeed, beyond a certain level, the equipment needed to continue to progress becomes a heavy investment, expensive and takes a lot of space.

In order to maximize effort and not waste time , an interesting solution is to follow online programs. There are many programs on YouTube that offer single exercises, sometimes full sessions.

Some are particularly easy to follow, give you advice and most importantly tell you how long the sessions will last, so you can manage your time and effort.

Above all, FOLLOW THE COACH’S ADVICE WELL, be it in video, online or live (at home or in a room): their advice is fundamental to not hurt you and to help you progress as quickly as possible.


If you decide to train at home, you will need some equipment. This small investment will allow you to train more comfortably and thus feel good during practice, which will make you want to continue and help you progress.

  • A shorts or a jog and a t-shirt, tank top (…) or polo that leave you pretty free from your movements – you will still spend!
  • A floor mat – it will serve you for exercises … on the ground. You can find them in sports shops from 5 euros. Remember to try them before choosing.
  • A 10-14kg dumbbell kit – this is a modular kit with 2 bars to which you can add the weight of the kit as you progress, which often costs less than 25 euros. Some prefer dumbbells pairs because more comfortable, but not being scalable, they will come back more expensive (you can easily arrive at 50 euros for 2-3 pairs of different weights).
  • Muscle gloves – yes, you will not get better cut but have callous hands or full of bulbs! There are many models from 5 euros, which may be suitable for lifting weights quite low, but many models exist at various price categories.
muscu equipment

Some others will recommend other products such as push-up bars or pull bars (still need to be able to put it at home), but you can start without it.    


One of the tips to follow absolutely from a coach is the training frequency. TRAIN AT LEAST 2 TIMES A WEEK .

Ideally 3 to 5 times if you have the time. There are also many sessions that you can split into 2. Thus, a complete session of almost an hour can often be separated into 2 × 30 minutes, for example once in the morning and another in the evening.

If you run out of time, try to insert short sessions anyway . Some can last just 10 minutes and still make you work enough to progress, or failing to lose all the work already done during previous sessions.

The most sought after effects being to have the famous chocolate bar and pecs drawn , do abs and pumps every day can not hurt, and especially takes very little time.

Finally, pay close attention to the difficulty of the training sessions: a too simple session will have little effect and you will not have the impression to work, but a too heavy session can discourage you or worse , too tired you, hurt you and so prevent you from chaining and progressing.

So go on … gradually! Begin with simple exercises to gauge yourself , lighter weights to avoid injury, and increase repetitions, sets, loads, and difficulty of exercises as you go. The bottom line is to FEEL THAT YOUR MUSCLES WORK.


We can not say it enough: the hardest half of the job is not to do weight training, to train at home or in the gym, but to pay attention to what you put on your plate .

It is a long and complex subject, and many books and articles have been written about it. To make (very) simple: do not eat too much fat, vary your diet , avoid heavy foods in the evening before going to bed.

If you are hungry between meals, eat a fruit or yogurt 0% rather than cakes, pastries or chips.

Be careful, that does not mean that you have to starve yourself! It is also very important to have enough energy to be able to do bodybuilding sessions, but that does not mean to eat anything.

YOUR BODY IS A TEMPLE and you respect it . So why hurt him with foods that are not suited to a healthy lifestyle?

As you will have understood, it is possible for anyone to achieve his goal in bodybuilding . The key is to give yourself the means: to work regularly, to be attentive to your body and to pay attention to it.

From your first session, you will feel the beneficial effects, your body will be more dynamic, your mind clearer, which will motivate you to continue and push you each time more.

So I propose you to start a simple session for beginners, which lasts 10 minutes , and you can do at home very easily.

Once you master this base, add other exercises and increase the difficulty as you go, you will quickly see the results on your body!

SOURCE: www.artdeseduire.com

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