5 Secret exercises For HUG Muscle

5- The hip thrust

Highly fashionable,  hip thrust will allow you to sculpt your glutes to perfection. Here are the three levels of difficulty proposed by the specialist:

– easy  : lying on your back, your body straight, your hands and feet on the ground, go up the pool then go down again. Without jerking the descent, avoid bouncing on your buttocks before raising your pelvis to the sky.
– Medium  : as in the photo above, you can perform the movement on one leg, making sure to alternate the two sides to not be unbalanced. “Having all the weight of the body on one leg makes it work more.” -difficult :  in the same position, put the top of your shoulders on a bench. Being elevated will increase the difficulty of the exercise. Be careful, however, to keep your back straight. Master the descent perfectly and contract the glutes at the ascent. The idea is to lower your pool to 90 °, without touching the ground. This level already requires some control of simple hip thrust. Badly done, you will be injured.



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