5 Secret exercises For HUG Muscle

2- The dips

Always to work the upper body, you can opt for  dips . They will make you gain muscle mass in the  pecs  and triceps. This exercise requires a chair, bench or other object that will allow you to be elevated.

Here are three levels of difficulty:
– easy  : back to a bench or chair, put your hands on it and place your legs at 90 °. With your back straight, lower your body with your arms and repeat the movement. Take care of your shoulders, which are still very busy.
– medium  : in the same way, simply add a chair below your feet. Being elevated will make it a bit more challenging as your entire body will be worn. The more you retreat, the more your triceps and shoulders work.
– difficult : Using two high chairs, stand between them, with one hand on each of them. Your body is straight, in a vacuum, and go down in the same way at 90 °.

3- Tractions

The back is one of the most requested parts of the body. Here are some variations of  tractions that will strengthen and strengthen. Know that in supination (palms of hand turned towards the sky), the movement is often easier to achieve but makes more work the biceps, in addition to the back. In pronation (palms of hands towards the ground), you will work the triceps and the back.

reverse:  space two chairs facing each other. Put the ends of a bar or a broom very strong on each one. Position your body below this bar, on the ground, lying on your back. Be sure to keep your feet straight and your legs straight then place your hands on the bar. Climb and bring the bust closer to the bar and then go down again. And so on.

– classic pull-ups:  hanging on a high bar, keep the body wrapped, straight, and always keep your arms slightly bent. The goal is to hoist his body to the height of the bar.

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