5 Secret exercises For HUG Muscle

Muscle building does not necessarily involve handling heavy loads. Especially when you start, weight training body weight is very effective. Cédric Jourdan offers you five exercises.

You do not have time to go to a  gym but you want to reduce your body weight? Cédric Jourdan explains the benefits of this practice and gives you examples of exercises to work both  the upper and lower body.

What benefits?

Working at body weight at home, indoors, or even outdoors, has many strengths. “Since there is no additional weight load, the risk of injury is also easier,” says the specialist. The practical advantage also seems to stand out: “we can reproduce these exercises wherever we want! “

But one of the limits of working on the body weight is that the margin of progression will be more restricted. Arrived at a certain level, whatever the number of repetitions, you will not progress anymore. You will have reached the maximum of your physical abilities and the use of bodybuilding will be useful to continue to gain weight.

5 exercises to reproduce at home

1- The pumps

To strengthen your  pecs , the  pumps are ideal. Cédric Jourdan advises four levels of difficulty:
– easy  : knee pumps: placed on the ground, resting on the knees and on the palms of hands with an arm spacing slightly greater than the width of the shoulders, go down until the face touches the ground. The attention is mainly on the trunk which must be sheathed to avoid arching the back at the lumbar level.
– medium  : pumps posed: on descent, the individual puts the bust on the ground and raises his hands slightly.
– difficult : classic pumps: rather than being in support on the knees, you will be in support on the points of feet (legs slightly apart).
– Extreme  : pumps slammed: between each pump, the individual slams his two hands, either at his bust or behind his back.

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