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30 Epic Instagram Vs Real-Life Memes Proving How Fake Everything On Instagram Is

There is a famous saying, “Comparison is the death of happiness. Jealousy is a female trait. Don’t fall in love with someone else’s highlight reel.” But when we’re scrolling through Instagram, it’s hard not to feel bad or get inspired from totally unreachable ideals and unrealistic expectations that are impossible for us to achieve. However, Instagram is an illusion and beneath its shiny veneer is a harsh reality of deception that is made up with the help of photoshop touch-ups and various filters.

Listed in this post are 30 epic Instagram vs real-Life memes that proves everything on Instagram is nothing but a complete lie.

Scroll on peeps and enjoy!

    1. 1That morning face!

    2. 2That’s how much lazy I am..

    1. 3Close enough, right?

    1. 4Without any filter!


    1. 5Not everyone is a fitness model!

    1. 6True that!!


    1. 7Its not that easy!

    2. 8That’s why I have trust issues..


    1. 9Just one last drink, I promise!

    1. 10That’s genius actually!


    1. 11That’s what Photoshop is for, right?

    2. 12When you accidentally open the front cam!

    1. 13That’s why you see so many side poses on Instagram!

    2. 14Exactly!

    1. 15Every morning!

    1. 16He still looks good!


    1. 17Don’t fall for those Insta pictures!

    2. 18That’s how I would do makeup..

    1. 19This made me laugh so hard!

    1. 20Bonus point for the creativity..

    1. 21Those eyebrows..

    2. 22Couldn’t be any more true..

    1. 23The fakeness!!

    2. 24Things to get a good looking Instagram photo..


    1. 25I guess most of us would agree to this..

    2. 26It isn’t supposed to be tasty!


    1. 27Who said getting abs was difficult?

    2. 28The Instagram effect!


  1. 29She looks hot in both cases!

  2. 30Yes, we all know the struggle!


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