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Top 10 tips to improve fitness

Compared with training in bodybuilding in their hard power style, fitness is a lighter version of physical activity, where the main task is to improve the general athletic qualities of a person, rather than the extreme development of specific muscle groups. However, the uniqueness of fitness lies in its scale, because this concept in addition to the gym covers many other types of training, such as running, swimming, cycling, varieties of martial arts, etc. By and large, it is possible to train in the style of fitness in almost any sport discipline, where endurance is required, as well as speed and power qualities, while the foundation still lies in performing bodybuilding exercises, as they maximize the impact on the entire body and can perfectly contribute to improving the relief of the muscles – another important indicator in fitness. To improve the effectiveness of restorative training, there are a number of nuances, which will be discussed today.

Make supersets or trisets .

Normal (sequential) exercise brings a good result, but over time the body gets used to uniform loads and efficiency decreases. Methods of increasing the intensity of training, such as supersets and trisets, stimulate muscles in a new way, thanks to which their reaction returns to the same direction. In addition, these methods perfectly improve the relief and contribute to weight loss. Superset – performing two exercises in a row without resting on one muscle group or antagonist muscles. Trisset – performing three exercises in a row both on one muscle group and on the opposite.

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